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Seller Advantage

We want you to:

  • attain the highest sales price
  • in the shortest amount of time
  • at the least cost

Our 4% fee will do just that.

In results achieved per home there are no significant differences between agents or offices.  All are subject to prevailing market conditions.

The only real difference is the cost you pay to achieve those results.

Using our 4% fee as a base, every 1% increase in the fee increases your cost 25%!


  • $100,000 sale price, 4% fee = $4,000
  • $100,000 sale price, 5% fee = $5,000
  • Difference  = $1,000
  • $1,000/$4,000 = 25%

A 6% fee would increase your cost $2,000 or 50%

A 7% fee would increase your cost $3,000 or 75%

It is not possible for anyone to provide you with a 25% to 75% increase in results.  Market forces will not allow it.

Sellers we represent realize significant savings and receive the same results

 Make the Most from Your Move!

We are Realtors and members of the Multiple Listing Service.